Detox Retox Fitness Program:

"Detox/Retox" Fitness Program

What's the point of a great workout if you can't reward yourself after?
We understand, that's why on the first Wednesday of every month, expert
trainer Michaela Burns will guide you through a heart-pumping series of
sprints, kettle bells, planks, and burpees in the Palace of Fine Arts.
Then, it's time for a challenging race back to Cultivar San Francisco,
where a refreshing flight of Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, and Cabernet
Sauvignon awaits, along with the choice of an indulgent grilled cheese or
heart healthy hummus and veggie plate.

November 1st & December 6th

$50 per person with a 6 person minimum

4pm leave Cultivar SF, return at 5pm for wine/food